What are the dreams of an architect?  Maybe, creativity that enriches us as human beings. Or passionate work that expresses what we truly are and how we can help the world to make a step further.

Here are dreams about architecture, art and design. About photography and travelling. About literature, philosophy and writing. About understanding the world we live in and the way we can design our own life.

‘Dreams of an Architect’ is the story of life lived as an artwork. Because living itself is the most precious art, unique for everyone of us… Apart from words, mine is best expressed in my works, which I invite you to discover.

Monica Cirstea, author of ‘Dreams of an Architect’

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  • Experienta ASCB

    Experiența ASCB – voluntariat, muncă, prietenie

    Întrucât gândurile din perioada sărbătorilor de iarnă se îndreaptă mai des la cei dragi și la ceea ce ne-a adus anul în curs, mi-am dorit să prezint în articolul de azi una din cele mai semnificative experiențe pe care anul 2017 le-a adus pentru mine: colaborarea cu ASCB, Asociația Studenților la Construcții din București. Prietenia […]

  • House in Sacromonte - Monica Cirstea Isabella Maldaianu

    A house in Sacromonte – when nature meets construction

    “A house means so much more than the building itself. It is about neighborhood. It is about the sounds of the street. It is about the glances of the passers-by and about the ones who cross your threshold. A house has many stories to tell. The question is, which one would I like most? Today, […]

  • Piata de Flori George Cosbuc - Randare interior sera

    Spatiul public – Arhitectura publica. Piata de Flori in Bucuresti

    TEMA DE PROIECTARE Prima tema de proiectare a anului 3 a reprezentat o invitatie de a descoperi si reinterpreta unul din programele de arhitectura cu rol definitoriu in evolutia urbana a Bucurestiului: piata. Care este rolul actual al pietei, cum se defineste legatura acesteia cu orasul si cum ar trebui sa fie o piata in […]

  • Colectiv

    Lectia #Colectiv – sa nu spunem niciodata “merge si asa”

    Vazand reportajele si articolele care au comemorat in aceste zile 2 ani de la incendiul din clubul Colectiv, am realizat ca, dincolo de mediatizare, este de datoria fiecaruia dintre noi sa ne gandim intr-un mod personal ce a insemnat acest eveniment. De aici motivatia pentru acest articol: consider ca o astfel de tragedie ne ofera […]

  • Handshake drawing

    Do we still have time for respect?

    One week ago, I observed a situation that gave me a lot to think about: at one of the first lectures of this semester, a professor openly accused us for lack of respect, compared to the reverence that students had for professors in the past. The absence of respect is a topic that, in the […]

  • Guggenheim Museum

    Guggenheim Museum by Frank Lloyd Wright – the birth of contemporary museum design

        In the crowded, regularly-shaped New York, a white concrete spiral catches the eye of the passer-by with its flowing game of volumes, reminding of the winding moves of nature in the closely-located Central Park. No wonder why this special building has been declared a city landmark and one of the major architectural achievements […]

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